September Playlists

Faith in an Anxious World

Welcome to our September Generations session! I'm so glad you made time for some faith experiences with your family today. Remember that all things we do together as families are sacred. 

Start by checking out this intro video which will explain what's in your family kit for this month: "Faith in an Anxious World." As always, I'm looking forward to #learningfaithtogether. 

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The live presentation video will be uploaded to our website 24 hours after it occurs. 

Exploring Faith Together

Welcome to our playlists! Each list is geared with activities, games and more for different ages of kids.


Feel free to have older siblings help younger siblings - we learn from teaching and doing together too. :D


Feel free to work through the playlist at your own pace, you do not need to complete it all at once.


Take a picture or two along the way and e-mail them to Nicky at . It will be a great way for us to stay connected! 

Grades K-2:


"Eek! Said Amy"

Meet Devon. Devon is a little boy that introduces readers to his friend Amy the AMYgdala! Amy helps Devon feel emotions, including fear. Through his friendship with Amy, Devon learns that fear helps him stay safe, but sometimes he needs to face his fears.


Our Sacred Scripture passage this month is Psalm 23. Watch this version of children reciting the passage, or go find a Bible at your house and read it! 

Remember that Psalms is located near the middle of the Bible. You can use your table of contents to help you find it.


Help empower kids to fight their fear by making these adorable monsters with a scripture verse attached to them. 

Whenever you are afraid, you can ask God to be with you. You can also try to remember the words wrapped around your monster and say them outloud. 


Work on memorizing one verse from Psalm 23.

Next time you feel afraid or scared remember these special words from God. He is ALWAYS with each of us, even when we are scared, lonely or afraid. 

Additional K-2 Resources:

Veggie Tales Song: "God is Bigger"

After you read the story,and watch this version of Psalm 23, wonder about these together:

  • What does it feel like to be afraid? 

  • What does it feel like to be safe? 

  • What might God's house look like? 

  • How do we know God is with us when we feel scared or afraid? 

Grades 3-5:


"It will be Okay: Trusting God through Fear and Change"


There are some questions in the video for you to answer as the story is read. 


This month we are focusing on Psalm 23. 

Watch this short video with images for Psalm 23. 

As you sit with God remember you never have to be afraid, he is always with you, "his rod and his staff will comfort you."


Think about the different scenes that you heard about in

Psalm 23.


Which one is your favorite? 

Draw a picture, sculpt from play dough or Lego one scene from Psalm 23. 

Share your creation with me by email or through social media. #learningfaithtogether


Pick one or two verses from Psalm 23 to commit to memory this month. 

The next time you are feeling anxious about something new or don't know what to say to God, try using this Psalm.

Sometimes, having words "written on" our hearts is the easiest way to pray.

Additional 3-5 Resources:

Grades 6-8:


What does it really mean that God is our shepherd? And what might that have to do with moments we feel afraid? 

Read this brief reflection from Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling."

How does it feel to know you are one of God's most precious sheep?


This month, we are focusing on Psalm 23. It is part of the larger book of Psalms.  The psalms give us language for talking to God no matter what our emotions.


We can borrow the words of the psalms when words escape us.




When do words escape you? 

When is it hard to talk to God about what you are feeling? 

Write, illustrate, or create (using whatever media you want) a psalm to God. It can be a psalm of praise, frustration, sorrow, any emotion. 


Over the coming month, commit Psalm 23 to memory. 

Next time you don't have words to talk to God, consider using these: "The Lord is my shepherd...

Additional 6-8 Resources:

Learn more about the Psalms:



Check out this short article about how one family started praying Psalm 23 together. 


This month, we are focusing on Psalm 23. Listen in on this short reflection from Eileen Novotny, a parishioner at

St. Michael Parish. 


Throughout the books of psalms, we see people praying to God and expressing all sorts of emotions. 

This month, take some time to assess how you are feeling and write, illustrate, or create a short prayer reflecting those emotions.

God cares about them all. 


Along with your family, make a point of trying to memorize a few verses from Psalm 23 this month. 

Remember that our Shepherd is with us always, even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

Additional Adult Resources:

Learn more about the Psalms and their role in the Liturgy:

Praying Together

Find the bag of paper strips from your kit for our prayer challenge this month. 

September Prayer Challenge: Make a paper chain adding one thing you are grateful for or one person you are praying for each day for the next month. 

Sharing Together

Share a picture of what you did this month!

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