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A New Year's Prayer

Blessing for the New Year:

Our lives are made of days and nights,

of seasons and years,

for we are part of a universe

of suns and moons and planets.

We mark ends

and we make beginnings

and, in all,

we praise God for

the grace and mercy

that fill our days. 


-Blessing for the New Year from

"Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers"

New Year Celebration
Green Leaves

Ordinary Time

After the Christmas season ends on January 10th, with the celebration of The Baptism of the Lord, we enter Ordinary Time. During Ordinary Time, we learn more about Jesus' life and works, and think about how we can live like Jesus has called us too. Watch this video below to learn more!

How will you prepare this Advent Season?

Candlemas -

Blessing of the Throats

On February 2nd (40 days after Christmas) we celebrate Candlemas in the Church. It echoes Christmas in that it is a celebration of light and darkness. On this day the Church blesses candles on this day. Learn more by watching the video above! 

A special prayer for Candlemas: 

Jesus Christ is the light of the world,

a light no darkness can overpower.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Now and for ever. 



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Miss a past session, or want to hear it again? Check out our video archives of past sessions beginning with October of 2019. 

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