Learning Together

It's summer time! 

Check out these family faith-based activities to add to your summer break. 

Grateful Together

Beach Ball in Pool

Family's Pray Together

We challenge you to 30 seconds of prayer a day!


Prayer can seem like a big habit to form, but what if we started with just 30 seconds a day! Here's a list of ways we can pray:


  • Hitting snooze? Say a prayer of thanks for a new day.

  •  Driving somewhere? Say a prayer for safe travel. 

  • Long meeting at work? Ask God to give you the patience to pay attention.

  • Lunch? Say a prayer of thanks for your food. 

  • On a walk? Give thanks for the beautiful nature around you. 


For what else shall we pray?  

Singing Together

Create a playlist together as a family with your favorite jams! 

Talk about songs that promote positive values. Make a "Top 10" playlist with your selections and jam out together. 

Here's what I'm singing right now... 


Past Adult Sessions

Miss a past session, or want to hear it again? Check out our video archives of past sessions beginning with October of 2019. 

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