Learning Together

January At Home Family Assignment

Please complete the work and return your completed assignment to Marcy either by email at mfessler@stmichaelcanfield.org or bring it to GoF on February 9 or 13. You will need to use both handouts and follow the lesson outline for directions. Please use the link to the USCCB Bible page if you do not have a bible at home.  

Finding God Everywhere

Looking for a way to find God in all things this summer? Check out this outdoor game to play with young children. 

Children in Nature
st Ignatius 2.jpg

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

On July 31, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Saint Ignatius was a soldier in Spain in the 1500s. He is founded the Jesuit religious order. Watch the three short videos below to learn more about this popular saint. 

What is Ignatian Prayer? 

Ignatian Spirituality

Finding God in All Things

The Examen

Saint Ignatius practiced the daily Examen, a prayer in which you look at the events of each day. As you reflect on the events of the day, ask yourself where God was present. 

Check out this podcast for a guided walk through the Examen. 

Prayer Candles