First Reconciliation

As parents and guardians of our children, we help prepare them for every aspect of their lives. What begins with tiny steps, grows into going off to school and making friends. As parents, you play the most critical role in preparing your child for the sacraments as well.

Our next stops on the journey to initiation comes with the sacrament of First Reconciliation  Our journey towards Christ has reminded us that we are his (baptism) and that he is merciful.


Here are some helpful resources in preparing your child for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Praying Together

Consider using this prayer as a meal prayer until the celebration of First Reconciliation. 

First Reconciliation Meal Prayer:

Lord Jesus, bless our food and our family today.

Help us to remember the people who don't have food to eat.

Teach us to share. 

Help us to learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Lead us always to do what is right. 


Prayer used with permission from St. Mary's Press - copyright 2016


Learning Together

In addition to our classroom learning, there is lots that you can do at home to learn more about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

We model reconciliation in our homes each time we say we are sorry to one another, and in return, each time we forgive one another. 

Here's a fun short video you can watch with your child.








After you watch the video, consider reading the parable from the Bible found in Luke 15:1-7. Then, talk about the following questions: 

  • How does the shepherd feel when the sheep is lost? 

  • How do you think the sheep felt when it was found? 

  • How does it make you feel that Jesus will always come and find us, even when we are lost or have sinned? 

Preparing Together

As parents, sometimes the best thing we can do is help our children prepare for the major events in their lives through practice. 

Consider practicing the receiving the sacrament of First Reconciliation together. Here's a brief script that can help you practice together. 

Feel free to take turns letting your child and you be the priest. 

Family with Tablet
Parents and Child

Parent Corner

Have you wondered what the Church teaches about the Sacrament of Reconciliation? 

Has it been a while since you have celebrated the sacrament? 

It can be a true joy to journey with our children as they prepare to receive. Check out this article for a reminder on what the church teaches and how reconciliation offers us the chance to draw closer to God. 

Calendar & Forms

Calendar for the 2021-2022 religious education year is available on the registration page. 


The sacramental preparation calendar is coming soon! 

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