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Confirmation: Session 4

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Please make sure you have completed all four of the Confirmation sessions, and especially be sure you have completed Session 3, and submitted your Confirmation name to me!!

Now, on to Session 4...We have talked about how the Holy Spirit helps us to live life in accordance with God's will for us. One of the ways the Holy Spirit does that is through the Gifts of the Spirit, which are seven qualities that help us make the right decisions and act the way we should. Traditionally, we receive these gifts at Confirmation.

Please memorize these seven gifts, and be able to talk about how they can help you in your life.  The Bishop may ask you to name these gifts before you are confirmed, so make sure you know them!

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. His delight shall be in the fear of the Lord. (Isaiah 11:2-3)

The blessings of the Holy Spirit are often summarized in the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit (as described in Isaiah 11:2-3). These are the qualities of the Messiah that take root in us and become our qualities. Take a moment to reflect on how you live these gifts in your life. Place a star () in front of the gifts that are the strongest in your life and an arrow () in front of those gifts that you need to develop. 



The Spirit’s gift of Wisdom enables us to see things with God’s eyes. The gift of Wisdom helps us interpret life through the lens of Jesus Christ and his vision and teachings. Do I thoughtfully explore the wisdom of Jesus and seek to apply this wisdom to the way live each day?

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?


The Spirit’s gift of Understanding enables us to understand God’s plan for our life and our world. The gift of Understanding helps us to interpret God’s plan for us in the daily events of our lives. Do I take time to reflect on God’s plan for my life and discover ways to live this plan daily?

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?

Right Judgment (Counsel)

The Spirit’s gift of Right Judgment helps us to make good choices—to make God’s choices and to seek God’s counsel, God’s advice. Right judgments are made in light of God’s laws. Do I consult the Scriptures, Church teachings, and faith-filled people when I am making choices?

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?

Courage (Fortitude)

The Spirit’s Gift of Courage enables us to see where our real strength lies: God is our strength. The gift of Courage enables us to face danger and overcome fear with confidence. Do I have trust in God that I can act rightly and justly even when others disagree or disapprove of me? 

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?


The Spirit’s Gift of Knowledge helps us to know the right things. The gift of Knowledge helps us to know which things are important and which are not. It helps us to know Jesus and what he teaches us. Am I able to use the teachings of Jesus and the Church to figure out what is important in life and what is not? 

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?


Reverence (Piety)

The Spirit’s Gift of Reverence helps us show our gratitude for all that God has done for us. It moves us to worship God, to offer God praise, to pray always in confidence. Do I treat people with the same reverence and compassion that Jesus demonstrated in his life? 

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?

Wonder and Awe in God’s Presence (Fear of the Lord)

The Spirit’s Gift of Wonder and Awe enables us to see the beauty of God’s creation and the beauty in each person we meet. Do I take time to pray and worship God so that I can make more deeply appreciate God’s presence in my life, in other people,  and in creation?

What are some ways to Grow in this Gift?

After you have spent some time reflecting on the Seven Gifts of the Spirit, go here and complete the questions.

And...that's it for our last Confirmation session!

Please make sure you have completed all four sessions, and especially make sure you have sent me your Confirmation name (session 3).