April Playlists

Images of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Welcome to our April Generations session! I'm so glad you made time for some faith experiences with your family today. Remember that all things we do together as families are sacred. 

Start by checking out this intro video which will explain what's in your family kit for this month: "The Sacraments on Initiation." As always, I'm looking forward to #learningfaithtogether. 

Kits for this month's session can be picked up at St. Michael Parish at the GOF doors on: Tuesday, April 13th or Wednesday, April 14th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM or, in the parish office anytime after Tuesday, April 13th. 

Don't forget to join us LIVE for an introduction to this month's theme on Facebook:

                        Sunday, April 18th at 12:30 PM

The live presentation video will be uploaded to our website 24 hours after it occurs. 

Opening Prayer & What's in the Kit?

Exploring Faith Together

Welcome to our playlists! Each list is geared with activities, games and more for different ages of kids.


Feel free to have older siblings help younger siblings - we learn from teaching and doing together too. :D


Feel free to work through the playlist at your own pace, you do not need to complete it all at once.


Take a picture or two along the way and e-mail them to Nicky at nuerling@stmichaelcanfield.org or send them to me on our Remind app. It will be a great way for us to stay connected! 

Grades K-1:  "I am the Bread of Life"


"Feeding of the 5,000"

Jesus tells us that he is the Bread of Life. But what does that mean? Let's explore together this month. 

First, we will read a story of when Jesus fed a VERY large crowd. 

Click the "Read" icon below or look in your kit to find the story.


We read a story about Jesus feeding a large group of people. But what does it mean that Jesus is the Bread of Life for us? 

In our story, Jesus filled the bellies of so many people in the crowd. But Jesus wants to offer us a special gift too - himself! 

Jesus gives us a special bread that fills our hearts and souls. 

Let's dig into this story more by watching the video below. 


Today, we are going to make a magnet to help us remember that Jesus is the Bread of Life. 


Find the dark and light brown pieces of construction paper in your kit. Cut out the outline of the pieces of bread and glue them together. 


Find the wheat in your kit and use them to write the word "life" under Jesus is the Bread of so your bread reads, "Jesus is the Bread of Life. 


Find the magnet in your kit and glue it on the back.  

You can click the "Do" button below for a picture of the completed project.


Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for being the bread of life. Thank you for satisfying our spiritual hunger. 

Help me to turn to you for my needs and remember that it is you that fills me up. 


Additional K-1 Resources:

Learn how to sign, "The Bread of Life"

First Eucharist Preparation:


This month, we will be reading about two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. 

They don't recognize 

Jesus until he breaks the bread (celebrates Eucharist) with them at dinner. 

You can find the story by clicking the "read" icon below or by looking at Luke 24:28-32 in a Bible.



This month we learned about "The Road to Emmaus." It wasn't until Jesus broke the bread that his followers recognized him for who he was. 

Let's dig in more deeply to this story!

Click the "Watch" link below to learn more!


Find the unconsecrated hosts in your bag. These hosts have not been blessed by Father, so they are just bread. 

I want you to spend some time this month practicing how to receive the sacrament of Eucharist. 

You can read the paper attached to the bag with hosts and watch the video under "Additional Resources" on the right to learn more. 


This month, spend extra time thanking Jesus for being present to each of us in the Eucharist. 

Ask Jesus to continue preparing your heart to receive him for the first time at our upcoming celebration of First Eucharist. 

Additional Resources:

How to Receive Holy Communion: 

Grades 3-5: I am the Light of the World


In the book of John, Jesus makes several statements that start with "I AM." 

The people would have recognized this as the name that God gave for himself to Moses. So, in each of these statements, we learn more about how Jesus is God and what that means. 

Today, we are going to read more about when Jesus says, "I AM the Light of the World."


Let's read more about when Jesus says this. You can find the reading in your bag or by clicking below. 




What do you all know about light? And how is God like light? 

Let's spend a few minutes together learning more about the properties of light and how they can teach us about who God is. 

Remember that when Jesus says, "I AM..." he is reminding the people that he is God, and teaching us about what it means that he is God. 


In order to remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World, we are going to create miniature lanterns with flameless candles. 

Find the piece of cardstock with the pattern on it, some glue, and watch the video below to learn how to construct your miniature lantern. 

After you have finished assembling your lantern write, "Light of the World, Illumine me" on the top. 

You can place the lantern on a table with the flameless candle under it to remind you Jesus is the Light of the World. 


Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for being the light in the darkness. Help us to share your light with others wherever we go. 



Additional 3-5 Resources:

How can we be lights?

Grades 6-8: I am the Vine, You are the Branches


In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes several statements that begin with the words, "I AM."

The people of the time would have recognized these words as the name that God gave to Moses in the burning bush. So, they would have understood that Jesus was telling them how he was God. 

In this passage, Jesus tells us, "I am the Vine." read it by clicking the "read" icon below.


Jesus repeats several phrases multiple times in the our Scripture reading today. Why do you think he does that? 

Usually, it is a way of getting us to pay attention to something really important that he is trying to tell us. 

Let's dig a little deeper into this reading and learn more about what it means that Jesus is the Vine and we are Branches. 

Click "Watch" below.


Find the sheet in your kit that says, "I AM the Vine, you are the Branches" on the side. 

This month, we are going to write an acrostic poem reflecting on who we are as we grow in Jesus. 

Write a word or phrase for each letter that describes a fruit or trait that grows in your life because you are connected to Christ. 



you are the true vine,

and we are your branches.

By your grace

and through the Holy Spirit, keep us connected

to you

so that we produce fruit

that glorifies your Father.



Additional 6-8 Resources:

Listen in to this reflection on the Gospel for the 5th Sunday of Easter:

Praying Together

For closing prayer, reflect on this familiar hymn, "I Am the Bread of Life." Remember that Jesus fills our spiritual hungers and needs. 

Sharing Together

Don't forget to send a picture of yourself working on our projects for the month of October to: nuerling@stmichaelcanfield.org or on Remind. Thanks!